Rockstars Web Series

WARNING! These videos contain mature content and adult language! Parental guidance is strongly suggested.

All songs written and performed by Mary Pascoe and Cory Lewis Pearman.
Written by Mary Pascoe and Cory Lewis Pearman (although most of
what you see here is improv!).

Webisode Eight: Rockstars Christmas Special

The rockstars are celebrating Christmas and you're invited!!
They even wrote a funny song for you called "Christmas in LA (Sucks)"--
watch and enjoy!! :)

Webisode Seven: "Sticky Icky"

The rockstars explain their evening in musical form.

Rockstars -- Webisode Six: Workin' from Home the Maddie Way!

Maddie works from home at her mini recording studio.
Flashback to Chase and Maddie doing impressions of John Mayer
and Jessica Simpson (what an odd couple, eh?)
It made us laugh, so I hope you chuckle as well!

Rockstars -- Webisode Five: Maddie Gets Her Hair Did

Known for their natural red hair, the Rockstars have to live
up to certain expectations from their managers, publicists, etc.
Lame! Chase has a funny reaction-- you'll laugh!

Rockstars -- Webisode Four: Oh, Taco Bell, Why Don't You Deliver?

Maddie and Chase get the munchies... then they write a funny song
about it. Hilarity ensues.

In all seriousness, why doesn't Taco Bell deliver?!
We can't figure it out. Stoners and partiers would
be SO down! Watch the video and you'll understand!

I'm Barry Manilow:

A silly song Chase wrote one night in a stoned frenzy.
Chase wishes girls would throw his panties on stage just like
they do for Barry Manilow. I also think he has a touch of a
crush on the man! Cory Lewis Pearman is hilarious.

"Meet Madison" Featurette:

Just who the hell is Madison Riley anyway? Played by singer-songwriter
and SAG Actress Mary Pascoe, this featurette introduces our
fiery-haired heroine.
Redheads rock!!

Rockstars -- Webisode Three:

Sadly, this video was removed by YouTube. :(

Rockstars -- Webisode Two: Trippin' Smalls

Madison trips out while waiting for Chase to get home.

Rockstars -- Webisode One: Meet the Rockstars!!

A short into to the faux reality show "Rockstars"!!
This silly series stars Mary Pascoe and Cory Lewis Pearman
as two "real-life" indie rockstars with a reality series.
Funny songs, witty banter, and weird stuff will ensue as the
series progresses! Thanks for hoppin' on the ROCKSTARS bandwagon!!

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