What is it Like to Live in LA? Walking my dog and chatting with you! :)

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's Improv Coach Teaches Us! We Love Paul Vaillancourt! Living in LA Vlog

5 Ways to Mess with Your Boyfriend!! Target Shopping Trip Vlog! :)

How to Put Together Shows in LA! DJ Nights, Music Concerts, Comedy Shows, & More! Living in LA Vlog!

SAG-AFTRA Winter Celebration! Professional Actors in Los Angeles Celebrate the Season! :)

The Beverly Center Mall Trip! Living in LA Vlog! Featuring "Ascend"-- my dance music collab w/ McTwizz!

World Market Shopping Trip! Pumpkin Spice Season at the Mall! Living in LA Vlog

Best Cookies Ever! Target Haul and Chatting about Going to Lights Out w/ David Spade!

Extending My Unemployment by Going Back to School-- FOR FREE! Living in LA Vlog!

Real Talk: Can't Give Up on My Dreams | Acting in LA

I Was on Fresh Off the Boat! SAG-AFTRA Background Acting in LA! I LOVE ACTING!!! :)
Disclaimer: I am Mary Pascoe, and I worked as a background actor on "Fresh Off the Boat"!
The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent Fox's positions,
strategies, or opinions.

I was on Snowfall on FX! SAG-AFTRA Background Acting in LA! :)

Secret Surprise Haha

Walking to Editing Class & Chatting with You! Living in LA Vlog!

CBS Diversity Showcase & Chillaxin' with My Chug!

Catherine & Fernando's Beautiful California Wedding!!! Congratulations!! We Love You!!

Living in LA: Errands, E-Scooters, and Everything Else!

Server Life! Getting Ready for My Shift at an LA Restaurant. Living in LA Vlog!

The Truth About Separate Checks | Server Life | Living in LA Vlog!

"Beat Shazam" with Jamie Foxx is SOOOOO fun and awesome!! I love going to TV Tapings!

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